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For 2000, we have changed the format of the newsletters:

The two previous newsletters have been combined and are found under Old Newsletters.   Newsletter three has been issued.

The topics covered in all newsletters are:

Hats off to Martha Franz Indian Key Fob Update
Invite Claudia to Speak at your Facility Safety Series Rating Sheets
LACL Screen Time-saver From Ribbon Cards to Dressing
Sensory stimulation group for geriatric women What is the Principal Milestone for Each Mode?
Adolescents and the ACLS ACLS Q&A
ADM Q&A Research
Pocket on the back of the LACLS and the "no-pocket" on the ACLS Interdisciplinary Benefits Of The Allens Cognitive Levels In Geriatric Rehabilitation
CPT Codes Q&A on ACLS
Claudia Allen on Schizophrenia How To Start With the Allens Cognitive Levels
Using the Allens with Dementia Hemispheres and Rehabilitation Potential
Coaster Rating Sheets: sp spatial properties and sf surface features Utilization of the Allen Cognitive Levels in Predicting Outcome of Hip Replacements






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