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No More Conferences

Allen Conferences does not have any conferences planned. Instead, Claudia is responding to people sponsoring her to come into their facility and give a conference.

How to get Started With the Allen’s

The minimum purchases to get started are:

      An Allen Cognitive Level Screen    (ALCS)   ($15.00)
      The book: Understanding the Cognitive Performance Modes    ($40.00)  Once you’ve determined the patient’s ACL mode, refer to this book to determine the description of the Mode, the patient’s abilities, applicable treatment methods, adaptive equipment the patient can cognitively handle, and  safety precautions pertinent to that Mode..

Several other items are almost as important:

   A Large Allen Cognitive Level Screen   (LACLS)  ($25.00) This is useful in a geriatric setting where the patients have poor eyesight.
  The video tape:  Administering the Allen Cognitive Level Screen  ($60.00  )  This 110 minute tape shows how to set up the ACLS, and eight actual patient screens ranging from ACL 3.3 to %.6.  For people starting without having been to a class, this tape is essential. Please note that an ACLS kit is not included with this video tape.
  The book: Starting an Allen’s program in a Geriatric Facility    ($20.00)   This book was written to help therapists start using the Allen’s.  It offers practical advice on how to get started.
  The book: Structures of the Cognitive Performance Modes    ($40.00)  Contains the newer theory of the Allen’s (cira 1998) plus the underlying mental structures of each Mode i.e., the why people in each Mode behave that fashion.All these can be ordered from Allen Conferences.  Check out the other videos below.

Ordering Reference Materials

The  Allen Battery products that can be ordered from Allen Conferences are:

CU213: Administering the Allen Cognitive Level Screen                 $60.00

CU211: Administering An ADM Project: The Placemat                     $40.00

CU212: Allen Cognitive Levels: Description and Theory                 $50.00

CU 214: Developing ACLS Inter-rater Reliability Tape A                  $70.00

CU 215: Developing ACLS Inter-rater Reliability Tape B                  $70.00

      The book: Structures of the Cognitive Performance Modes                                       price = $40.00
      The book: Understanding the Cognitive Performance Modes                                    price = $40.00
      The book: OT Treatment Goals for the Physically and Cognitively Disabled             price =$65.00
      The book:  Starting an Allen Cognitive Level program                                                price = $20.00

    The five video tapes

  The stage one handouts,      Single Copy                                                       $10.00
  The ACLS   (Allen Cognitive Screen)                                                              $15.00
  The LACLS  (Large  Allen Cognitive Screen)                                                  $25.00

ADM Craft Projects

All of the craft products associated with the Allen Battery can be ordered from us. Call us for pricing.

To order any of the products, call us.

Postal address:  385 Coquina Ave, Ormond Beach FL 32174