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CU304: ACLS 2000 Scoring Instructions  $5.00

This small sixteen page booklet contains a brief history of the ACLS, a section on “who can administer the ACLS”, a section on developing interrater reliability, and detailed instructions for administering and scoring both the ACLS 2000 and the LACLS 2000.  This booklet contains the scoring information included with the new ACLS/LACLS 2000 plus additional information such as the history and scoring flowcharts.  Currently this booklet is only available from Allen Conferences.

CU198: Understanding the Cognitive Performance Modes $35.00

The two items essential for using the Allen Cognitive Levels are an ACLS and this book! After obtaining a tentative ACL score using the ACLS, this book is consulted to determine the details of the person’s abilities, suggested treatment methods and applicable safety precautions. As a required references guide to understanding the cognitive performance modes, this book defines the cognitive levels by modes. It offers a concise, organized presentation of the description of each mode, and the amount of cognitive and physical assistance required. In addition, it gives a description of the abilities for each mode, the therapist’s and therapeutic goals that are appropriate to that mode, and a list of safety precautions. It also lists the adaptive equipment that a person in that mode can handle.

150 pages.    More Info

 CU301: Structures of the Cognitive Performance Modes $35.00

The Structures of the Cognitive Performance Modes book is intended to be a companion book to Understanding Cognitive Performance Modes and serve the following purposes:

To document the new Information Processing Diagram,
To present the underlying mental structures of the cognitive performance modes in a clear, understandable fashion.

Newer concepts of explaining the functions of memory have been developed, This revised model is very important, because for the first time, the Information Processing Diagram(s) clearly illustrates two roles of the brain:

Cognitive Processing represented by the Working Memory Diagram. This is the memory model required to live in a changing environment such as presented in the home or community.
Habitual Learning represented by the Procedural Memory Diagram, is a subset of the Information Processing Diagram. This is the model we use to perform our Activities of Daily Living or ADLs.

The underlying structure of each cognitive performance mode is described in visual form using the Information Processing Diagram format. The resulting mode-specific diagram is further developed in a broad outline form and through several pages of text. It represents new input to the Allen Cognitive Level theory, developed since the publication of OT Treatment Goals for the Physically and Cognitively Disabled in 1992.        More Info

CU157: Occupational Therapy Treatment Goals for the Physically and Cognitively Disabled  $65.00

This 1992 text first introduced the cognitive performance modes.  The book was written to be used as a classroom text. 

Significant chapters include the description and usage of the Allen Cognitive Level Screens, The RTI (Routine Task Inventory), and the CPT (Cognitive Performance Test).   There is an extensive listing of the activity analysis of various craft activities and of the adaptive equipment used by people in various cognitive performance modes.

CU203: How to Start Using the Allen’s in a Geriatric Setting $15.00

This publication tells you all you need to have in order to get started using the Allen’s Cognitive Levels. Although the title implies a geriatric setting, the book’s message is applicable in all settings. The book is written by Carol Bertrand who was Director of Rehab in a SNF at the time of writing the book. After attending Claudia’s workshops, she was anxious to start using the Cognitive Levels in her facility. This proved to be an almost overwhelming procedure due to the vast amounts of information that were to be digested at once. This publication is a result of her struggle. It simplifies the usage of the Allen Battery and breaks it down into practical step by step procedures. It will introduce the therapist to selecting the correct materials, selecting the patients to start, budgeting the Allen’s, selling the program to administration and nursing, pulling together an interdisciplinary team and in-servicing physicians, families, and rehabilitation personnel. The book is written in a practical “Let’s Get Going!” style.           More Info


The handouts which were used at Claudia’s workshop “How To Use the Allen’s Cognitive Levels In Daily Practice” are available.  Containing 80 pages, this handout is all the material taught in a Stage One workshop.  This book also contains all the instructions for the ADM project Placemats.

CU302 Single Copy Handout $10.00

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