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Structures of the Cognitive Performance Modes

The Structures of the Cognitive Performance Modes book is intended to be a companion book to Understanding Cognitive Performance Modes and serve the following purposes:

To document the new Information Processing Diagram,

To present the underlying mental structures of the cognitive performance modes in a clear, understandable fashion.

Newer concepts of explaining the functions of memory have been developed, This revised model is very important, because for the first time, the Information Processing Diagram(s) clearly illustrates two roles of the brain:

Cognitive Processing represented by the Working Memory Diagram. This is the memory model required to live in a changing environment such as presented in the home or community.

Habitual Learning represented by the Procedural Memory Diagram, is a subset of the Information Processing Diagram. This is the model we use to perform our Activities of Daily Living or ADLs.

The underlying structure of each cognitive performance mode is described in visual form using the Information Processing Diagram format. The resulting mode-specific diagram is further developed in a broad outline form and through several pages of text. It represents new input to the Allen Cognitive Level theory, developed since the publication of OT Treatment Goals for the Physically and Cognitively Disabled in 1992.

This book, Structures of the Cognitive Performance Modes, retails for $35.00.

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