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Five Videos have been released

CU213: Administering the Allen Cognitive Level Screen $59.00

This video tape (approx. 105 min.) consists of:

An introduction by Claudia Allen;
An segment on the proper setup of the ACLS;
Eight actual patient screens subjects ranging from ACL 3.3 to ACL 5.6;
Uses two views: Frontal view and close-up of the patient’s hands and the ACL;
The ACL score of each patient is given with features to observe during the screen;
Claudia Allen summarizes each patient screens.

CU211: Administering An ADM Project: The Placemat $39.95

This video tape (approx. 60 min.) consists of
An introduction by Claudia Allen;
The setup of the project;
Two patients completing the project: ACL 4.2 and ACL 4.4;
The explanation of each patient’s score.

CU212: Allen Cognitive Levels: Description and Theory $49.95

This 45 minute tape consists of:
A Description by Claudia Allen of the significant characteristics of each level and the progressions of the modes through the levels.
An explanation of the 1998 Updated Information Processing diagram presenting the functions of Memory – central to the Allen’s Cognitive Theory
A Comparison as to why Crafts are used to evaluate cognitive processing and to why Activities of Daily Living are used to evaluate habitual learning.
This tape is designed for use within a 50 minute class session to present the current, correct explanation of the Allen Cognitive Levels.


CU 214: Developing ACLS Inter-rater Reliability Tape A $69.95

CU 215: Developing ACLS Inter-rater Reliability Tape B $69.95

These two video tapes (approx. 105 min. each), are identical in format but different in content, will develop inter-rater reliability with Claudia Allen. The tapes present a number of unrated patient screens using the ACLS.

The viewer must:

Determine each patient’s ACLS score.
Submit scores to Allen Conferences.

Allen Conferences will:

Compare viewer’s scores to Claudia Allen’s scores.
If successful, a certificate of attaining inter-rater reliability with Claudia Allen will be returned to the viewer.